‘Carib Beauty’ by Carol-Lois Haywood.

Carol-Lois Haywood’s artwork titled ‘Carib Beauty’, a 14X17″ pastel portrait of Aja, has been accepted for the University Art’s UART OPEN 2020. [Location: Redwood City, Northern California, USA]

This popular Bay Area art model Aja luckily survived a coronavirus infection this year before resuming her modeling career!

Carol’s creation was accepted among a group of 50 pieces by Northern California artists, that will make up University Art’s fall exhibit.

Honors and awards will be decided by the internationally-known artist Cuong Nguyen of San Jose, California.

Visit the show–from Oct 17 until Nov 1–at the Redwood City art & frame center, located on El Camino Real south of San Francisco, north of Palo Alto.

I found this local fisherman on the boardwalk of a quiet port in Southern Oregon, Northwestern USA. When he saw my camera, he asked, “Would you like to get a picture of me too?”

I did this watercolor version of his head as a result.

It’s actually a detail in a dock scene with ocean fishing boats all around. Watercolor was my main medium for a long time, in an earlier artistic period.