Nell Painter’s utterly engaging memoir of her own experience–of becoming a professional artist in her 60’s is one I could hardly put down! She is so articulate and so incisive about this experience.
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Between her and me gapes the huge chasm in that she is black as well as a recognized history scholar and author–and I am none of those.

But I could say, yes, to so many events and dilemmas retold here. Things we have in common, we who come to art seriously later in life!

I laughed. I cried. I made strong cups of coffee, so I could go on reading. (I do share being a former academic in this situation. As if being an academic is really anything you can shed.)

Definitely recommended even as insight into how graduate art education is unique. And how the special rules and rites of access to top art galleries work.

Inspiring. Educational. Touching.