This post illustrates the hazards of modeling!
(Or, beware of the artist who prefers single-source lighting.)

'Richard,' pastel sketch

‘Richard,’ pastel sketch

These three are not angry men–they are suffering the hazards of modeling for an artist who insists on single-source lighting. Myself to be specific.


‘Robert,’ pastel sketch

Before I learned to get some reference photos–as soon as I found the right pose for that model that day–three hours later I often had results like these scowls.

'William', pastel sketch

‘William’, pastel sketch

Even professionals begin to squint and squirm under such intense bright light, so close to the face. It’s something like the old-style police-station third degree.

Now I get reference pictures when the model is still fresh and relaxed. My process involves post-session revising anyhow. So may this be a lesson to you too.–Carol