'Unknown name, female'

‘Unknown name, female’

'Unknown name, male'

‘Unknown name, male’

Above are my first two subjects in full color pastel portraiture. So, what have I learned in eight months? 

I switched preferences in medium, method, and subject:

  • to pastel board over sanded paper;
  • to a white base over toned base;
  • to a typical base size of 9×12″ over 12×16″ and larger sizes;
  • to pastel pencil alone over a mix of pencils and sticks (soft and softer);
  • to anticipating I will always need a reference photo or two–and snapping that early in the pose;
  • to subjects mostly volunteer (artist-friends and art patrons) over professional models;
  • to mature subjects over more youthful choices;
  • to opportunities for practice over instruction.

The number and scope of these shifts amaze me! I have to say, they reflect my eccentricity: the strong need to mark out my individual take on a subject area by concentrating on methods or techniques that seem more satisfying to me. Earlier in my artistic life, I followed more typical paths and for longer periods of time.

How about you, Reader? What choices have you made in creating your art?