'Caterina Sagred Barbarigo' by Rosalba Carreira

‘Caterina Sagredo Barbarigo’ by Rosalba Carreira

'Jean Antoine Watteau' by Rosalba Carreira

‘Jean Antoine Watteau’ by Rosalba Carreira

Admired pastellist is the ground-breaking Rosalba Carreira, 18th-century artist of Venice, recognized all over Europe in her day. After starting with miniature portraits on ivory, she moved to full-scale portraits in the medium of pastel, on paper or canvas. This choice for finished work was an unusual one then and now.

Carreira’s reputation drew her commissions for important figures from all over Europe. These two struck me because they seem to go beyond the low contrast and stylization of her early work. She moves into the more modern and dramatic–to explore and interpret individual personality in depth. Later artists influenced by her unique method were Adélaïde Labille-Guiard and Elisabeth Louise Vigée-LeBrun.

For more detail and a self portrait, see this online source.