Young or emerging painters rarely get the same kind of attention that such writers often get! My regular read, Poets & Writers, made my day with my own fascination over likenesses and differences, compared to the visual artist’s path. May I recommend all of the Sept/Oct 2014 Poets & Writers, but especially “Perversity of Spirit: What It Takes to be a Writer,” p. 35f, by Rufi Thorpe.

Do I have talent? is the one question that dominates their struggle to follow their muse. Thorpe insists that cannot really match the impact of asking, Do I really love reading books? and Can I bounce back from terrible rejection or hurtful criticism? She explains: only if you give yourself to being in over your head in imagined worlds are you a serious writer-to-be.

Many wanna-be’s have talent, but it is doggedness that does it. It is the will to carry on anyway that decides whether you belong there or not.

What do you think of Thorpe’s view? And do painters have a similar confusion?