Insightful interpretation of this important portrait painting!

The Squirrel Review

Vermeer has often been described a painter who did not paint much. This is to say, his works were always of rather banal subjects or simple scenes. However they remain some of the most enigmatic and championed works of art in the world. For centuries, Vermeer has fixated his audience to his canvases through his unparalleled mastery of light, which he uses to create space, objects, and subjects. Here we look at his finest example of his ‘camera obscura’ – Girl with a Pearl Earring.

The Girl with a Pearl Earring is a painting of immense simplicity. In terms of both composition and colour, this work of art displays nothing extraordinary. However, it is through this simplicity that Vermeer allows us to examine the wonderful delicacy of his subject. We can appreciate the smallest details of the painting, from the wet edges of the girl’s half-opened lips to how her skin appears…

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