vanishing-velazquez Not only is this the most amazing multi-disciplinary mystery writing I have read, it kept me hanging –and enjoying every minute — all the way to the end!

If you are interested in the European portraiture tradition, if you enjoy reading about intelligent obsessives with perceptive passions, if you want to know more about how it is that old pictures get found and lost and refound by their possessors, you will find your reading desires satisfied by this exciting exploration:

The Vanishing Velazquez by Laura Cumming, 2016, NY, Scribner. [originally published in Great Britain, 2016, as ‘The Vanishing Man.’]

Most of all I am grateful for the absorbing exploration of Velazquez’ portraiture, what makes it great, what unusual subjects he favored, what they tell us about him. But there’s a lot to love about this book, and you may have other personal comments to make! Feel free.