What may happen to the artist with big aims–and inadequate energy: a cautionary tale (without an ending)!

My own physical and spiritual resources do seem to be draining daily, at a rate i haven’t faced before. My individual reaction? Keeping going to studio events, for inspiration, for socialization, etc.

Strategy for making the best of about 60 minutes of actual creative time available before I crash? So far it’s been to try with playful but mostly untried approaches to portraiture. Out come the Pastel pencils, sharply pointed, on white paper. And then the fine-art pens, a few colors.

These choices leave room for the linear energy and interest I still have to offer. But focus on impulse and play, to up the fun or impulse elements–for my inner kid.

I am glad to honor these forces in me. Even though I usually keep them in a supporting role. Soon I hope to post the whole series, when I see some theme in them.

But here is an hour’s drawing of Rita, in fine art pens, a few colors. She I have often drawn, but never quite like this! I am sharing because how many artists get to report, what strange changes 70+ years of art-making may involve? (It might be instructive.)