Whistler by Corwin: copy in charcoal by CL Haywood

Do not recall doing this, very long ago (6-7 years?) but I must have been impressed by what the artist accomplished with the pose (lowered head,, dropped chin) and the texture of the medium (charcoal?).

Glad I took the time to add the important details to the photo image label!

MORE ABOUT THIS IMAGE. After a little web-surfing, I would guess I am wrong about the nature of this image of James Abbott McNeil Whistler. I do recall definitely I reading what was a “new important” biography of Whistler about 6-7 years ago.

I am probably right that this image came from that book. But (fame is fleeting!) that book is not found by me on the internet today! But more to the point, on considering it, I would guess that instead the image I copied was a contemporary photograph of Whistler, not an artist’s effort as I implied above.

Perhaps Corbin was the photographer, but I am unable to confirm this from my search today. Whistler’s was a fascinating career, carried on mostly in France, not the USA, even though he was a native American.

If anyone else knows or discovers more about Corbin’s identity, I am glad to be set straight!—Carol-Lois Haywood