Wall of recently finished or recently framed artworks.WELCOME to my STUDIO!

Top left. Rita, now hanging in a gorgeous frame. Top Right, Sri in a handsome frame that suits her attitude.

Middle Left. Zippy after a final pastel wash–and ready for the framer’s attentions. Lower left, Looks Young [shipped this month to an artist-fan. Just off the easel is a small charcoal treatment of an English Actor (fan art).

Middle work is large striking charcoal, a male Harvest Celebrant. Lower Right. Girl in a Window charcoal sketch. Far Right is Carol-Lois, Artist & Creator of this Studio Visit!

Learn more about Carol-Lois becoming an artist!

Hi, Viewers. This portrait series features lots of lines.

My Portrait Series show lots of lines. So Should I call them > > >FAULT LINES .. . . .or LOVE LINES?

What do you say?