‘G.’ is the very latest portrait of John among all these.

He is (was) a very busy art model in the Silicon Valley, appearing in the figure and portrait open studios several times weekly, I am sure! That is, until we all got halted– by the lockdown and other measures to control the spread of the pandemic in our state of California.

I am grateful to you for looking at these and making your own judgments about them. I am glad to get your input about any or all of them.

Perhaps creating these (and a few other series for one model) helps by expressing some of my grief over the loss of my connection to these people. And not to forget, the serious loss of their livelihood!

I am lonely for the fellowship of models and artists that helped me live so fully, for so long! Whether it can return again ever is in the hands of others. . . without much direct interest in art. But let’s hope it is for whatever is the best for all!