The farther I go, into art, into life, into study, the more I realize the power of my INFLUENCES:

  • Edgar Degas
  • James McNeill Whistler
  • Rembrandt
  • Leonardo

The more I learn, the less I know. Who led me back to my first love, drawing? ART INSTRUCTORS:

I finally found that there is no substitute on the art path for loving COLLEAGUES:

Art study confronted me with those women who made a path, my ROLE MODELS:

After decades, the light dawned: early on guiding and  helping me to pursue art were ANGELS:


For some like me, it takes decades to find the main thing, for me to become an artist.

But I honor the past and present figures who have been keys to encouraging me and aiding me to do such an immense thing.–Carol Lois (Buecher) Haywood