A last-minute substitute figure model–from a memorable open studio occasion–is shown here in her various poses.

While as a model she is an amateur, M. is also a regional art institution executive! A good sport–to do her best for us eager figure artists in an emergency.

(The comments below follow the order of the drawings.)

GETTING INTO IT. The top row. She cautiously remained in a chair for a few 5 minute poses. Having shed her executive outfit, she was down to her slip.

RELAXING SOME. Then she eased into a little more intimacy while sitting.

WILLING TO SUFFER FOR ART. For the obligatory long pose (30 minutes with breaks) she lay down on her back on the platform. Igot a great angle.

ENCORE! Then,while she stood upright on the platform, taking a break from the floor, I got a sketch of her to-die-for clogs!

Thanks to M., we got a lot more modeling than we could use! –Even if nudity was out of the question for an amateur.