‘Chris in Magenta’ by Carol  Lois Haywood, pastel on red-toned paper, 22 X 25″

More development of ‘Chris in Reddy-ness’ drawing has produced this! (See that stage below for reference.) It feels finished. The drawing explores the eroticism of color although this decision was not particularly conscious. But I was prodded by the light red paper support–to explore whatever color whimsy struck me.


‘Chris in Reddi-ness,’ First Stage.

COLORS USED. There is a lot of magenta in the figure but also light reds and pastel pink and pastel blue. Shadows are done in dark red and blue, with some medium red to link it to the skin colors. I did realize the relatively developed head in the earlier version was distracting and grayed it down for that reason.

CRITIQUE WELCOME. This is an odd new direction for me artistically. I will be greatly interested in your comments: I have come to trust my Word Press art community most– for helpful input.