My submissions: Celebrate! charcoal on light-gray drawing paper; Eve as Gran, pastel on 18 X 24″ white-toned sanded board; Folk Dancer, pastel on 12 X 14″ dark-gray toned sanded board; Domestic Creatures, pastel on 18 X 24″ white-toned sanded board; Resting Resister, charcoal on 18 X 24″ light-gray drawing paper.

This summer my art will be judged for inclusion in a regional open show at NUMU in Los Gatos, CA, USA. Above are my 5 picks to enter, where the theme has been named ‘Journeys.’ Below is the artist statement written to relate these to that subject.

Journeys have at least a dimension of time, of space, and/or of knowledge. Also essential to human journeys are occasions for stops along the way, time-outs for celebrating, renewing, taking stock.

These common Silicon Valley types of people (my community) are captured here through my imagination. I saw each in one of those moments when overtaken, by insight or wonder or weariness. The folk dancer may simply be in the flush of his strength and skill. But the others, older, tireder, are halt and questioning? renewing? retreating? or encouraging unity?

Whether I am inspired by friends, people on the street, or professional models, they all suggest journeys to me, short or long, that brought them to the moment of encounter with me the artist–and my load of ideas and associations.
Carol Lois Haywood April 2019