'Eve as Gran'

‘Eve as Gran’ by Carol Lois Haywood


‘Domestic Creatures by Carol Lois Haywood


‘Silicon Valley Warrior’ by Carol Lois Haywood

EVE AS GRAN portrait peers deep into old human ideas about the origin of evil. I ask, What if an older, wiser Eve could re-enter Eden? If she had it to do over again? What would she choose? What might she reveal about that fateful moment? My artwork meditates on that moment as it might instead be faced by a woman blessed with knowledge and experience–not by the innocent youth that was Eve.

DOMESTIC CREATURES captures a typical Silicon Valley denizen enjoying an escape from his labors in high tech. He relaxes in his mountain cabin with his cat, a world away from where software development, deployment, and marketing are all that matter. The possibility of finding tranquility is my theme.

SILICON VALLEY WARRIOR depicts the same man seen in ‘Domestic Creatures’. But now wily and openly wary as leader of his small tribe. His tough readiness to face hostile groups, dangerous animals, or natural disasters shows.

Carol Lois Haywood’s recent intriguing figural art made a splash, when George Rivera juried 3 pieces into the Figures & Faces exhibit at Pacific Art League. Another coup included her pastel portrait of a fellow artist in the 2016 statewide Salon at the Triton.

Carol’s art studies began in junior high, at Herron Art School in her hometown of Indianapolis. Flash forward to now and study with global portrait artist Cuong Nguyen.

An older woman artist, Carol turns her art into a celebration of her own liberation, early and late–as well as others’. She plumbs the mysterious, the inarticulate. To express affinities– and estrangement–between the feminine self and others.

Enjoy her art blog, Silicon Valley Types, at http://www.carollhaywood.wordpress.com for more!