My figural representation style has definitely taken a new twist: surfaces made mostly of linear shapes. Here are recent examples. Format, 18″ square,mostly colored inks, with some pastel pencil, done either on white drawing paper or white rice paper.

STATEMENT. These unusual visions of human faces mark a major shift in my artistic style and idea. (1) I have gone from the soft marks of charcoal and pastel–to the strong dots and lines of ink. (2( I changed from depending on OUT-lines to using IN-lines.

I still favor lines it seems–but move toward greater intimacy. I use the medium to express the textures & terrain of the skin itself. I am more intimately, interacting with my subject. And my medium (stick, pen, etc) acts more now to touch the other person involved. Closer up.

And incidentally allows nothing to be a “mistake” for correcting later. All marks remain and together make up a whole of the encounter between “shower” and “shown.” –Carol Lois Haywood, October 2019