schamarembrandtseyes copy
Picking up this art history super-plus volume again, after about two years has me singing for joy–again!

I recall how illuminating it was then to dig deep into Rembrandt’s troubles and trials, strengths and weaknesses! My own unique mind (and personal history) is still starved for details about the artist’s life. Simon Schama delivers all I want or could ask for: more!

I identified deeply already then, with Rembrandt’s “checkered past.” Now that my art practice is going better than before, I am even more energized by the highs and lows of his life story. Truth is, there are hardly any matching points between us. Still I soar to get more details of his drive and broad vision! I can relate somehow! Who knows?

If you are anything like me, hungry for insight into what an artist really faces, and how, this is a book for you too.

PS: The Chapter ‘Amsterdam Anatomized’, offers so much insight into Rembrandt’s developing portrait genius, it could stand as a book by itself. This book has been around since 1999, so used/cheap or library copies ought to be easy to come by.