From an open-studio life-drawing event about a year ago (3 hours for the pose). Sadly these opportunities are getting thin on the ground around here. I remember this night very well, as it was the last time I could stomach attending this weekly session–one that I had enjoyed for so long.

And maybe here I can say the truth about maybe why.

The coordination role is usually handed to a participating artist-volunteer (unpaid, not institutional staff, unsupervised, and usually male). He then gets drawn into ever-more egocentric sexual-flavored, verbal aggression, toward both models and toward other artists. These two targets are, typically, female.

That is, a male who is willing to take on extra work for nothing usually has needs to dominate (conscious or not) that will come out in inappropriate ways. . .But with no formal controls in place to reign him in. . .And apparently no collegial code of behavior in place either.

I am so clear because the situation had all the earmarks of at least one other similar situation that I finally quit also, in disgust, at another location. The losses keep piling up!

How do you go to an arts institution administrator to report the behavior of someone who is not a staff member, not under her/his control really? Sexual harassment is never good news. (I think (I identify all too fully with the dilemma of the administrator in the situation.)

You are very gracious to have read my rant–Thank You!