My Current Art Motifs Call for Some Clarification.

While continuing to make the human figure central to my latest art works, novel dimensions have emerged.

1. A square format became dominant over the past year. This has displaced the traditional rectangle support, either upright or sidewise. The meaning of this emerging form for representation seems an emotional response to current rejection of very old forms of social domination like sexism and racism.

A rectangle can be dominated: a square can only be occupied.

The emotional quality of the artist interaction with each human subject is another source of unusual effects in my latest works.

I find I have an urge to give some expressive texture to the surface of the body. I am reacting s to individual themes s in my particular interaction with this subject, to suggest a pattern for the body surface.

In some cases,This response is taking the quality of a filigree of small figural patterns . In others it forms a web of straight edges, webbed by flaws impressing the surface.

My Realism marked by an Expressionist compulsion? (April 2021)