Latest experiment: red and white pastel pencil + charcoal on 12X12″/31X31 cm black drawing paper, used to show 5 individual vultures. The project is in a free-wheeling state at this point.

I do find bringing out the marks and details of each photograph this black support a challenge! What is clear to the eye is not necessarily clear to the lens it seems. But in person it’s all clear enough.

Q. Would trimming the support so that it outlines each animal,when set against a light background, make it work better? I meant this as a group portrait.
Your input is welcome!

And as you might imagine, the motif is not really those useful scavengers themselves. But people in my past. THE EXES, That is, ex-husbands, ex-lovers, etc. I just haven’t discovered which = who. Maybe I never will!

Art heals.