REVISION: Artwork on the left was revised by the artist after 24 hours’ consideration. It appears like the artwork on the right now. But see final comment* below the second line also.


‘Senorita Tracy’ by Carol Lois Haywood; carmine and white pastel pencil on 9 X 12″ gray drawing paper.

Her jaunty spirit inspired me. From yesterday’s open portrait studio event, I’ll call this ‘Senorita Tracy’. The lighting + black hat brought out her features well.

Our model wore a black Spanish hat, a white wing-collared shirt with a casual bow tie at her neck, a jaunty vest and tight pants. Possibly she was offering us herself to the artists as a toreador.


*[This comparison also illustrates the challenge of capturing these color pastel pencils (carmine & white) as applied to beige-gray drawing paper. The combination is more pleasing to the human eye  than to the camera eye!]